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Student Stories


“That level of support was new to me.”

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Hayden Timmings

Robyn White enjoyed the practical nature of the art and design programme she studied at Ara in Timaru.

Robyn White


Jessie Stanners has a fashion industry job she loves and she got it thanks to the skills she acquired at Ara.

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Jessie Stanners

Fashion graduate Melissa McIndoe is the sampling co-ordinator at Taylor Boutique where she applies the garment design and technical skills she learned at Ara.

Melissa McIndoe

Unlike many of her fellow students, the desire to become a fashion designer wasn’t what motivated Melissa Turner to study the New Zealand Certificate in Fashion at Ara.

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Melissa Turner

After completing a certificate in fashion at Ara, Rosalie Calder is now working towards a degree and can’t wait to start working in the industry.

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Rosalie Calder


Louis found that the practical skills gained out in the field on assignments while studying at Ara were beneficial for his professional photography career.

Louis Trerise