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Share Your Pregnancy

Share your pregnancy and birth with an Ara midwifery student.

Every pregnant woman has her own unique experience of pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting. Sharing this time with a student midwife provides a valuable opportunity for the student to appreciate the individuality of each woman and her family/ whānau.

Women of varying ages and life experiences who are in the first year of completing a three year degree programme to become midwives.

Share the experience of women and their families, following their pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenting. The focus is for the student to understand what is important for you and your family in this process. They may carry out basic midwifery skills with your midwife's support.

Students will make an appointment to meet you and your whanau/ family. They will attend antenatal appointments and will be available to help support you through the labour and the birth. During the postnatal period the student will visit you regularly and keep in touch with you up until the six week check.

Each student has an assigned midwife lecturer who is available to answer your questions or discuss any issues.

It is your choice to have a student. If you change your mind you may cease to have a student involved in your care at any time.

If you are interested in sharing your pregnancy and birth with a first year midwifery student please complete this form. We will be in contact by phone.

Gwendoline Glazzard
021 647 852

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