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Refunds and Withdrawals


Your receipt will be issued when your enrolment is paid for and we have received a signed registration form and verified your ID.

  • It contains details of all the courses you have enrolled in and paid for.
  • It also shows the last withdrawal date for each course. This is the last date on which you can withdraw or transfer from the course without losing the entire course fee (see terms and conditions for more details).

Please check your receipt carefully to ensure that you are enrolled in the correct courses and occurrences (times of courses). Please let a member of the admissions team know if there is a problem. Take your enrolment confirmation receipt with you to class.

It is your responsibility to ensure your enrolment is correct.


Once your application for study has been approved, an invoice is issued to indicate the cost of enrolment into your desired programme. Please check the details of the courses and note the last withdrawal date for each course. 

Transfer of enrolment

Complete the enrolment amendment form (PDF: 0.1MB) and return to the admissions team. Additional fees may be incurred and these must be paid before the transfer is completed.

The last withdrawal/transfer date for each course is shown on your receipt - changes cannot be made to your enrolment after this date without incurring loss of course fees.

Withdrawal process

Complete the relevant sections of the enrolment amendment form (PDF 0.1MB) after discussion with your programme leader and return to the admissions team. If you are withdrawing from all courses you must also return your student ID Card. The effective date of withdrawal will be the date on which your written advice is received. All withdrawals must be in writing using the enrolment amendment form.

Students may, in certain circumstances, apply for a compassionate refund. This is only considered when withdrawal circumstances are beyond a student's control and meet the requirements of the Consideration of Fees and Charges Refund including the Compassionate Consideration policy.

For further information about the withdrawal process please contact us by email.

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