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Workskills Term 2: Keeping Yourself Safe

Our Supported Learning courses are specifically for individuals with intellectual or learning disabilities.

They're designed to support a successful transition from secondary school to tertiary education. Students can do all four terms, or each term individually.

Learn ways of keeping personal property safe and how to identify potentially hazardous situations and appropriate actions to be taken, including looking after personal belongings, emergency procedures, health and safety in the community, road rules, using public transport and where to get help. Students can do all four terms or each term individually.

This offering is for year 11-13 students. There are also a limited number of places available for students who are no longer attending school.

Type Experience
Cost $557.75
Code SKSF102
Level 1

How to participate

If dates for this activity are shown below, please click on ‘Register’ for the date you wish to attend, then complete the registration form.

If there are no dates shown below, please contact us as we may be able to organise the offering by request.

Please note: a minimum number of participants is required for this activity to proceed.